I had a blast! Jesus’ love was present, filling us, calling us.”

On December 2nd, 2016 LIFT Worship Night took place at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, in Boston.

LIFT Ministries is a Catholic ministry based in the Boston area that hosts monthly worship nights featuring awesome praise & worship music, dynamic Catholic speakers, and Eucharistic Adoration for people of all ages.

Shalom Boston Missionaries got together with some friends to check out that special night. The “Special Advent LIFT Worship Night” featured Oscar Riveira, a great national speaker and Cardinal Sean O’Malley. Both of them spoke about Advent and delivered a message to us about how to live this period in a better way and how to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus. This refers to our celebration of Christ’s birth at Christmas, the coming of Christ in our lives through grace and the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and to His Second Coming at the end of time.(1)

Jon Niven and the band played songs and guided praise & worship moments. Fr. Matt led the Adoration and more than ten incredible priests were listening to confessions.

Check out Fabiola’s testimony about that night! She’s 20 years old and had a wonderful and blessed moment at LIFT!

“I’ve been involved with SHALOM community for almost a year and it’s been such a great experience!

Last weekend we went to LIFT’s concert, a Catholic event that fosters a perfect environment for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

I love the way the ministry in charge of this event makes everything so attractive and dynamic to help everyone experience God’s love through worship, prayer, talks (this time about the advent), etc.

It was my second time at LIFT and it was an unforgettable experience. While praying I could realize that what Jesus has been asking me to do is to pray and take care of those who are poor, both in a material and spiritual way, but mostly for those who have a heart in need of love, a poor heart seeking for happiness and understating. This thought was so strong during the time there that allowed me to focus more and feel God’s love in a different way, as well as his plan for me and what He wants me to work on.

At the end we were all dancing and giving thanks to God with our hearts and hands open to him! I enjoyed of the best company: my friends from SHALOM community and all the ones that go to the prayer group. I had a blast! Jesus’ love was present, filling us, calling us.”

(1) http://catholicism.about.com/od/holydaysandholidays/p/Advent.htm

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  1. Olá Amigos
    Não achei um campo para perguntar
    Estou planejando uma viagem para Boston e gostaria de saber o endereço da Obra Shalom e os horários de celebrações.
    Estarei em Boston de 06 a 12 de junho próximo

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