Shalom Distance Vocational Path

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 “If you hear God’s call today do not refuse it!” – St John Paul II

For those who live in a city where there isn’t any Shalom Mission and wish to know more about our Vocation and maybe start a vocational discernment path, must contact the Vocational Assistance, expressing their desire to take part in the vocational path.

The person on a distance vocational path is accompanied every month by a member of either Life Community or Covenant Community, according to the discernment of the Vocational Assistance and the specific vocational path that the person is following. These are the main steps the vocational candidate will go through:

  • The person express the desire to start a vocational path
  • Monthly formation and accompaniment by a vocational companion
  • A minimum of 30 days experience in one of Shalom missionary houses
  • Participation in the vocational retreats (one retreat to deepen the listening and discernment and the final retreat)

After the final vocational retreat and with due consent of his vocational companion, the vocational candidate will proceed by formally requesting to enter the Community as a Postulant member.

If you feel God’s call, get in touch with us. Send us an email to:

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