Shalom will have four new Priests

novos padres

Four deacons of Shalom Catholic Community will be ordained priest on the 22nd of December by the Archbishop of Fortaleza, Jose Antonio Tosi Marques, at Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil.

They are: Cristiano Pinheiro, Edie Bethlem, Gustavo Jose and Hintz Dagoberto, all missionary members of Shalom Community. Their first Mass is to be celebrated on the following days from 25th to 28th of December at Shalom da Paz Evangelization Centre, Fortaleza city, Brazil.

The ShalomCommunity has a total of 17 priests members of Life Community and 10 priests who belong to Covenant Community, in Brazil and in other countries. Over 60 members are seminarians studying to be priests.

According to the founder, Moyses Azevedo, these four new priests are a result of God’s fruitfulness in the community’s life, wich bears new vocations. As we have entered the Holy Year of Mercy, these new ordinations are received with great expectation within the Community. “We can say that these new priests, generated in the Church in the season of mercy, are born with these characteristics and therefore must resemble much more the Father of Mercy, the Father who has His eyes over humanity, who leans over it and comes to its encounter, the Father who has a visceral love, a faithful love in favour of men”, he added.

Edie Bethlem Suassuna Lemos and Cristiano Pinheiro Campelo Bede are members with definitive promises and currently live in Rome, Italy, where they serve, respectively, as Rome Mission Local Authority and International Assistant of the General Moderator.

Edie’s both parents are missionary members of Shalom Community and ever since his childhood he has developed a friendship with God through the charisma Shalom. At age 18 he entered Life Community where he discovered his call to celibacy and later to priesthood. Cristiano is also known for his gift in music. He entered Life Community very young in age and joined Shalom Missionary band ministry for many years. He is a songwriter and composer  of many songs that up to this day are part of the community’s artistic repertoire.

Gustavo Jose Mendes Pinto and Hintz Dagoberto dos Santos are also members of Life Community with definitive promises. They work in Shalom’s formation and Discipleship houses in Eusebio (Brazil) and Pacajus (Brazil). Both received a Catholic education and have worked for years with vocation groups discerning to enter the Community. Gustavo is from Pernambuco State and Hintz is from Sao Paolo.

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