Being Shalom


“The Lord, our God, who deserves all the love in the world, performs a work among us: a new work, a new way. This way is real and as time goes by I feel it more concrete inside my heart. It is something new, it is something wonderful. I feel it like God wanting to offer the world one more manifestation of his creating power”

(New Work Written)

Each time, the Holy Spirit grants necessary graces to the Church for answering the contemporary challenges. Charisma is one of these divine gifts poured upon the Church to renew it and update the way of living according to the Gospel. Thus, the Charisma Shalom, which was blossomed from Moysés Azevedo’s heart during the meeting with the Pope John Paul II in 1982, was manifested to the world. God convoked persons to assume this grace in their life, giving them a specific vocation called Shalom.

The way of living Shalom Vocation into the Community’s heart is based in the experience with Jesus Christ, the Resin One Who went through the Cross, as narrated in the Gospel of John.

In the evening of that same day, the first day of the week, the doors were closed in the room where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews. Jesus came and stood among them. He said to them, ‘Peace be with you’ (John 20, 19), which means, Shalom. In Jesus, this greeting is a real communication of Peace, a wish that suggests all sorts of spiritual and material blessings, the perfect happiness, which the Messiah brings to us. It is finally the proclamation and offering of full salvation” (Statutes of Shalom Community).

Jesus is God’s Shalom to the world, the true and unique Peace that the humanity can have. As the disciples of Christ were sent by him, in that occasion, to implant the Peace into the humans’ heart and the vocations are called to announce it with their life and testimony. “To be Shalom” means, through the Holy Spirit’s power, to be disciple and minister of Peace and take Christ to those waiting for him.

For those, who were called to respond to the Vocation, God conceives the way of Contemplation, Unit and Evangelization.

From the Contemplation of the Resurrected, which blows upon the disciples, springs the Evangelization strength. Thus, the inspired Community undertakes efforts to announce the same and unique Gospel from Our Lord Jesus Christ with effectiveness, boldness and creativity. To live the Vocation is still necessary to dive into the charity spirit according to the form of the first Christian communities, reflecting the Unit of the communion beloved by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Covenant Community
Life Community
Forms of life


The covenant community is called to follow Jesus Christ living amidst Family and professional activities, taking the responsibility to live them according to the Shalom vocation.

All the members of the community must be “light for the world and salt for the earth” in the secular ways. They meet twice a week in Community Cells, where they pray, and cultivate fraternal life as well as take lectures having the Word of God, the magisterium of the Church and the Shalom charisma.

They answer the clamor of God to live poverty, sharing their gifts and talents, through the apostolate and community of goods.

Once the missionary spirit is an aspect of the Shalom Charisma, all the members who are part of the Covenant Community might be sent in mission where the church and mankind manifest the necessity of their testimony.

In the first year of discipleship they receive as a signal of the election of God a cross in a shape of a tau. The cord sustains the signal of the members of the Covenant Community has the colors grey or white, depending on their formative itinerary.


The vocation to Shalom Community might be lived in two complementary dimensions: The Life Community and the Covenant Community.

“In Life Community, our realization is no longer in what the world has to offer us, but it will be exactly in the renouncement of all this, for a total dedication to God and to the service in his vineyard” (Statutes of Shalom Community).

The Life Community is the core of Shalom Community. Its life style plays the model of the first Christian Communities, where everything is put in common and all the goods, projects and personal plans are renounced.

Its members are missionaries of both genders and forms of life. They are called to follow Jesus Christ for their love to God through a particular way of praying, fraternal life and service in the Work. They live in Communitarian houses and are sent in mission according to call of the Church and the discernment of the Community.

When they confirm that they belong to the community in the first year of discipleship they receive as a signal of their election by God, a cross in the shape of a Tau, the last letter from the hebrew alphabet.

The color of the cord that sustains the Life Community’s signal has a beige or brown color, depending on their formative itinerary.


Forms of life are a gift from God to each person to unable them to love and to serve Him. The Shalom Community is composed by faithful people from all the forms of life: celibate for the kingdom of heaven, married and single people; priests, deacons and seminarists. United by a consecration of life, they live having as a model the diversity and unity of the three persons of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the Shalom Community, priests live their ministry according to the own spirit of the Vocation, to serve the Church and all the brothers and sisters. They do not belong to a specific branch in the community, but they are one with the others, in the same communitarian body, with the same graces and renounces everyone have. They reflect the redeemer love of the son, Jesus Christ and act as instruments of a reconciled life through the sacraments.

Signs of the love of the Father, married people are an instrument of creating life and caring for the family enviroment in the community. They are legitimized members of the Community and they embrace the Shalom Vocation with all the specific blessings and demands. Once a week, parents and children get together in their homes to pray and to celebrate the joy of the presence of God amidst them. In Life Community, families have each one their own space in privacy to live with their children.

The celibate for the kingdom of Heaven reflect the person of the Holy Spirit and they act as instruments of fertility and spiritual power for the Community and the Church. They are also legitimized members of the Community and embrace Shalom Vocation with all the specific blessings and demands.

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