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“My life has changed”

Acamps 2018 was a very meaningful time for me and one of the most extraordinary moments that I have lived in my life as a Christian. The experience I had at this festival is almost beyond description and I still can’t fully explain it. I remember the recreational evenings as if they were yesterday: full […]

From Babel to Pentecost: missionary life in foreign lands

Having ‘nothing’ and at the same time having ‘everything’. Finding the face of God in the face of people. Recognize His love in the lives of others. Be comforted in the heart of one’s brother. Living an ascetic life. But who needs material riches when we have the abundant Providence of the Lord? Each new […]

Celibacy: “A Life that together we choose”

My name is Rayana Soares de Sousa, I am 27 years old, I am a native of Massapê, a little town in the State of Ceará – Brazil, I have been consecrated in the Shalom Life Community and I’ve been a celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven for 6 years. Today I am on mission […]
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