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Shalom Community helps on the Seminarians formation in Portugal

The Shalom Catholic Community has been invited by the rector of Saint Paul Seminary, Mr. Rui Teixeira, to be part of the professors’ board for the school year 2018/2019, at the Diocese of Setubal in Portugal, with the Community Local Authority, Messias Albano, who teaches the course of Human Formation. Messias has entered the Shalom Community at 20 […]

4 Missionaries of the Covenant Community in love with missionary life

Keully Guedes, Mayara Raulino, Viviane Vieira and Marcela Leitão live the same experience: the missionary spirit in Shalom vocation. They are all members of the Covenant Community and, in response to God’s call, they went to lands distant from theirs. Please join us now in knowing the testimony of these women who are in love with the Mission.
Faith is a Panamanian value

WYD Panama 2019 – Panamanian Beauty and Faith

The next WYD in Panama next January is coming soon and wish to give you an opportunity to know more about this great event through an young shalom life missionary who is already there working as a volunteer: Barbara Freitas. She is going to send us a monthly logbook to tell us what God is preparing for us in this amazing country.

Shalom Community made a pilgrimage for the Canonization of Fátima Siblings

On Saturday 13th the Church was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. Shalom Catholic mission in Portugal, Setubal, was there! Jackson and Ana Lucia missionaries of Shalom Community, told us how they lived this moment. Shalom Life and Covenant Community members was in Fatima with people from Shalom Work  […]

Young people united for peace and on the way to the Beatitudes

“My dear young ones, be in the front line in this arduous task of building peace in the world”, said Cardinal Rylko to the young people attending the Shalom Youth Congress (SYC or CJS, read more Here). Encouraged by the power of the Holy Spirit and the voice of the Church, nearly 300 young people […]
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