Shalom in WYD: evangelization and mission

The World Youth Day (WYD) is a triennial event that brings together the Pope and young Christian Catholics from around the world in a festive, religious and cultural atmosphere. All the people who attend will experience the person of Jesus Christ, his Word and the Church which calls them to promote, through the youth, peace, […]

[VIDEO] Offering (Oferta)| Shalom Vocational 2018

“Offering” is a song based on the letter written by Moysés and given to Pope John Paul II in 1980 as a gift during the Apostolic Visit of His Holiness to Fortaleza. On this letter, Moysés has offered his own life to the evangelization of the young people especially those who are far from Jesus and the […]

Shalom Community helps on the Seminarians formation in Portugal

The Shalom Catholic Community has been invited by the rector of Saint Paul Seminary, Mr. Rui Teixeira, to be part of the professors’ board for the school year 2018/2019, at the Diocese of Setubal in Portugal, with the Community Local Authority, Messias Albano, who teaches the course of Human Formation. Messias has entered the Shalom Community at 20 […]

[VIDEO] “Crucified Love” | Vocational Song

Natasha Ferreira and Yara Rocha sing in Arabic and Hebrew the song Crucified Love. They are Brazilian Life Community members of Shalom Catholic Community in Haifa, Israel. CRUCIFIED LOVE  How can I not adore You, Oh Wounded Heart? Source of Peace, of all Peace How can I not adore You Oh Crucified Love?  Holy, Holy, […]