2 years of Miracles!

Miracle! This is the best word to explain about these two lasts years of the presence of the Shalom Catholic Community in the Philippines. Miracle because this is the will of God to this country and to this people. Miracle because through this Charisma of peace God showed, and continues showing us, what is His […]

“My life has changed”

Acamps 2018 was a very meaningful time for me and one of the most extraordinary moments that I have lived in my life as a Christian. The experience I had at this festival is almost beyond description and I still can’t fully explain it. I remember the recreational evenings as if they were yesterday: full […]

From Babel to Pentecost: missionary life in foreign lands

Having ‘nothing’ and at the same time having ‘everything’. Finding the face of God in the face of people. Recognize His love in the lives of others. Be comforted in the heart of one’s brother. Living an ascetic life. But who needs material riches when we have the abundant Providence of the Lord? Each new […]

Here I am: “youth on mission”

“I would like to travel the earth, preach your name and plant your glorious Cross on the unfaithful ground, but my Beloved, one mission would not be enough for me: at the same time I would like to announce the Gospel in the five parts of the world and in the most remote islands… I […]

Acamps Summer Festival: Time of encounters

My name is Bogumiła and I am from Poland. I’ve known the Shalom Community for almost two years, attending the prayer group in Kraków. I went to the Acamps Summer Festival last year in August. It was truly a wonderful time of joy, praise and worship. It was a time of encounters – a diversity […]

We Africans

In an interview with comshalom (SH), Leonice Santos, a Brazilian missionary in Maputo, Mozambique, tells us a bit about her experience in a land that seeks to rebuild after a devastating cyclone.

The ideal summer

In my ideal summer there are three elements that cannot not be missed: friendship, relaxation and partying. I lived these dimensions last summer when I attended the Acamps Summer Festival, an event organized by the Shalom Catholic Community, on the shores of Lake Balaton, near Budapest. One of the strongest feelings in this event is […]

Drawn to Shalom charism

I first heard about the Shalom Community in November, 2017 at Jesus Across the Border when some young adults were talking about different religious groups in the Boston area. I remember there was a man speaking and he mentioned the Saturday night Shalom prayer groups. I live an hour from Boston, but I knew I […]

“I have the right to be happy too!”

For me, the Acamps in Budapest was a full experience with the love of God. I believe that what brought me closer to perceiving this love was the presence of the other people who participated. Their friendship and companionship always pushed me to think about how extraordinary the event was in bringing together so many […]