The Shalom Vocation in the Holy Land

The Shalom Catholic Community has two Missions in Israel, Haifa and Nazareth. In Haifa, the Community has done the work of evangelization for almost two decades and today there are 13 missionaries there. The celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven, Marcelo David, is responsible for this Mission and shares with us the graces and challenges in the proclamation of the Gospel in this land.

“It was born in us a missionary desire as a family”

Higor Fontoura is a Brazilian member of Shalom Catholic Community who has been lived in Boston, USA as a missionary with his family since 2011. His wife Mariana Fontoura is also a member of Shalom Covenant Community and they have 3 beautiful children that fill them with pride and happiness, the older Amanda is 15 years old, Higor Filho is 9 years old and Isabella is 1.
Discipleship of Shalom Catholic Community

“Living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way”

Jhoanna Climacosa is a italian girl who has found the authentic love of God through the Shalom Charism. Moreover, she has decided to become a disciple and minister of this love in order to share her joy as a missionary of peace in the world. Last month she has started a new period of her vocational path, the Discipleship.

“I found the one I could give everything to”

Jamile is a missionary of Shalom Catholic Community who made her Definitive Promises in the Shalom Charisma as a Covenant Community member on Sunday 8th of April, the Feast of Divine Mercy. Currently, she lives in Boston where she made her solemn and eternal commitments to offer her life for the evangelization of others. In order to share this remarkable moment she wrote a letter addressing all those who are part of the Shalom family.
Garage Comshalom

A new concept to me!

Café comshalom is something Germany has never seen before and a brand new concept to me. It’s custom-tailored to the youth’s needs and brings strangers closer together. The café offers just the right mixture of tasty food, great music and comfortable atmosphere. The slogan “More than a café, a meeting point” aren’t just empty words […]