Celibacy: “A Life that together we choose”

My name is Rayana Soares de Sousa, I am 27 years old, I am a native of Massapê, a little town in the State of Ceará – Brazil, I have been consecrated in the Shalom Life Community and I’ve been a celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven for 6 years. Today I am on mission […]

“I had never known love like this”

When I left I was basically unaware of what the Shalom Community and the Acamps truly were, but when I arrived at the centre of evangelisation HungaRio, in Budapest, I straight away felt right at home, I was welcomed with great smiles from the missionaries. What made me leave was the desire to once again […]

4 Missionaries of the Covenant Community in love with missionary life

Keully Guedes, Mayara Raulino, Viviane Vieira and Marcela Leitão live the same experience: the missionary spirit in Shalom vocation. They are all members of the Covenant Community and, in response to God’s call, they went to lands distant from theirs. Please join us now in knowing the testimony of these women who are in love with the Mission.

The Shalom Vocation in the Holy Land

The Shalom Catholic Community has two Missions in Israel, Haifa and Nazareth. In Haifa, the Community has done the work of evangelization for almost two decades and today there are 13 missionaries there. The celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven, Marcelo David, is responsible for this Mission and shares with us the graces and challenges in the proclamation of the Gospel in this land.

“It was born in us a missionary desire as a family”

Higor Fontoura is a Brazilian member of Shalom Catholic Community who has been lived in Boston, USA as a missionary with his family since 2011. His wife Mariana Fontoura is also a member of Shalom Covenant Community and they have 3 beautiful children that fill them with pride and happiness, the older Amanda is 15 years old, Higor Filho is 9 years old and Isabella is 1.