Christmas of the Lord: joy of the spouse souls

The Lord’s Christmas is among the most important solemnities of the liturgical year. What is the specific meaning for Shalom’s spouse souls?

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem reveals the sublime mystery of the Incarnation, which had been hidden in the virginal womb of Mary. And this mystery, in turn, expresses the God’s love for us who not only is effective and realizes our salvation, but a love that wants closeness, sharing of life, intimate union, because “the One wanted to come that could be content to help us (…). God chose the Incarnation away not because he could not be restored otherwise his work, his project on man, but because it had to make tangible to natural men everything that can contain a love of God’s heart, that is charity “(San Bernardo).

The incarnation of the Word is the foundation of the union between God and man. In the flesh of the God-Man one can accomplish the project prefigured in creation, the communion of mankind and of every man with the Creator.

This is clearly stated in the Second Vatican Council when it says that “with the incarnation the Son of God has united himself in a certain way to every man” (Gaudium et Spes, 22). “This has happened – affirms St. Augustine -, in the virginal womb, where the human creature is married to him”.

Thus, the incarnation is the foundation of Spousal Love which is, in turn, the core of the Shalom Charism.

Since the Word became man, man can unite with God. Because God now loves with a human heart, the love of men is high, and man can love God as he is loved by him and in that love find peace.

But how can sinner man reach such heights, especially those who feel the weakest, the most sinful, a clay pot (Shalom Community Writings, Sponsorship Love) if not only because the Unreachable has lowered, is it made accessible? Weakness and poverty are not an impediment to communion with God, but rather an opportunity, a favorable place for meeting and union.

The Divine Word has descended, and has not chosen to dwell in the “Holy of Holies, where gold, precious stones and silver shone. He decided instead to be born in a stable, in the mud of our sins. He was born in a stable to lift those who lie in the manure. ‘Let the poor out of the manure’ .”(San Girolamo).

The Christmas of the Lord is, therefore, a cause of profound joy for sinners, for the poor, for those who do not recognize in themselves merits, who do not place their hope in the flesh, but in the One who took our flesh, he redeemed it and raised it. God and man are now inextricably united. God and man are now inextricably united in an eternal bond of love, a Spousal Love.


Elica Melo

Translation: Davide Bianelli


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