Emmir’s teaching at Acamps: God’s Love is….

God loves you.

It is a statement that many people heard all throughout their lives, many times accompanied by false or distorted visions of what God’s love is like.
But God’s love is different from what we often imagine.

On the second day of the Acamps Summer Festival Emmir Nogueira talked about God’s love, about a love that is free, personal, faithful and merciful.
The love we think is God’s love is often false, we think that we are loved more if we do everything the right way. But we don’t have to do anything for this love, because it is free, just as we don’t deserve it less if we are sinners.

With her unique way of presentation -asking some young people to help her show the audience the love God holds for us in a practical way – Emmir also showed us that this love is unique and personal, for God knows everyone by name and gives His love to everyone.

Although a lot of the people at the festival have already heard about God’s love and learned the truth about its mystery, it is a topic that is always good to be reminded of, to always remember that we are loved, that God loves us no matter what.


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