Missionario Shalom band: Let God amaze you at Acamps Summer Festival

Missionario Shalom band: Let God amaze you at Acamps Summer Festival

The Missionario Shalom band was born as an inspiration to evangelize the young people through pop music songs. Moreover, the members of the band are missionaries of the Shalom Catholic Community and the songs and concerts are a way to share the Peace of God.

The band takes Shalom charism inspiration turning into songs about God’s love, the spousal love of Jesus for each of us, the joy of belonging to God, the boldness of the saints, the revolution of the Holy Spirit and God’s mercy and peace. In addition, the songs are performed by vibrant dances announcing to man that God is alive and wants to enrich us with His love.

The missionary band have performed in many parts of Brazil and throughout the world including the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro and Krakow. This time they are coming to Hungary to Acamps Summer Festival to make a live concert on Saturday 11 August by the banks of Balaton lake.

Let God amaze you as well as changed our life.” This is the proposal that Missionary Shalom band leads to the youth of the whole world.

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