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Acamps Family

Here is the testimony of a mother who participated with her family in an Acamp’s, an event of the Community. She told Comshalom about the spiritual and human experience they have lived together, with other families.  God wants opened families, strengthened in the unity of Christ and in the joy which is source of life, […]

“My life has changed”

Acamps 2018 was a very meaningful time for me and one of the most extraordinary moments that I have lived in my life as a Christian. The experience I had at this festival is almost beyond description and I still can’t fully explain it. I remember the recreational evenings as if they were yesterday: full […]

History of the Youth for Jesus Project

The founding of the Shalom Work took place through young people who were sensitive to the call of God and, in an innovative way, desired to transform the evangelization of the youth of Fortaleza through an unpretentious cafeteria. Today, we can see that the magnitude of the growth of this seed thrown by God has […]

The ideal summer

In my ideal summer there are three elements that cannot not be missed: friendship, relaxation and partying. I lived these dimensions last summer when I attended the Acamps Summer Festival, an event organized by the Shalom Catholic Community, on the shores of Lake Balaton, near Budapest. One of the strongest feelings in this event is […]

“I have the right to be happy too!”

For me, the Acamps in Budapest was a full experience with the love of God. I believe that what brought me closer to perceiving this love was the presence of the other people who participated. Their friendship and companionship always pushed me to think about how extraordinary the event was in bringing together so many […]

“I had never known love like this”

When I left I was basically unaware of what the Shalom Community and the Acamps truly were, but when I arrived at the centre of evangelisation HungaRio, in Budapest, I straight away felt right at home, I was welcomed with great smiles from the missionaries. What made me leave was the desire to once again […]
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