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On the footsteps of Mary

“Have the courage of sobriety”, Fr. João Chagas on “The true source of Gain”

On the threshold of the pre-synod, which was held in Rome from March 19 to 24 and gathered young people from all over the world, the third monthly meeting “On the footsteps of Mary” was held on Saturday, March 17, with the evening theme “The true source of Gain”. The Rev. Fr. João Chagas, missionary […]


Maria Emmir Oquendo Nogueira is the co-founder and responsible for all the teachings in the Shalom Catholic Community. Emmir is married and has four children. She was born in Fortaleza (Brazil). She has lived in Rio de Janeiro since she was 5 until her twenties. Her education was given by the Lourdine and Ursoline sisters, […]

At the foot of the icon of Our Lady, a prayerful journey has started

A remarkable moment of grace took place in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, last Saturday evening. At the foot of the icon of Our Lady, Salus Populi Romani, entrusted by St. John Paul II to the young people, a prayerful journey has started towards the XV Ordinary Synod of Bishops on Young People(2018) […]

Mary and the Youth

Devotion to the Blessed Mother is important for the salvation and sanctification of everyone, but it is especially crucial for the youth to be accustomed to giving her their love, honor and service, and to learn how to imitate her virtues. Children, teenagers and young adults alike, should be taught the significance that Marian devotion […]


The Shalom Catholic Community was founded on 9th July 1982, after that its founder, Moysés Louro de Azevedo Filho, had offered his life and youth to take Christ and the Catholic Church to those who were distant, specially, the youth. On 30th June 1980, Pope John Paul II arrived in Brazil for his first visit […]

Church, mission, poverty and Evangelization through the world, the topics of Shalom International Youth Congress in Rome

During the Shalom International Youth Congress, the talk in the afternoon received special guests to speak about very important topics in today’s young people lives. Vitor Aragão, Life Community missionary and responsible for the Youth Advisory of Shalom Community, and Teresa Maria from the Mission of Toulon, France, were leading the moment. To talk about […]

The second anniversary of Shalom Catholic Community in Boston

      On June 3rd, Shalom Catholic Community is going to celebrate a Massat St. Anthony’s Church in honor of its 2nd anniversary of foundation in Boston,  the acceptance of Danielle LaPointe and Matthew Pandolfo as postulants in Shalom Covenant Community and the renewal of the Higor and Mariana Fontoura’s Temporary Promises also as Shalom […]

Pope Francis: to love your enemies, prayer is a game-changer

The path to holiness and sainthood, Pope Francis said, requires imitating Christ by loving our enemies and praying for those who wrong us even when it is difficult. “It’s true, God the Father is merciful,” he said. “And you? Are you merciful, are you merciful with the people who have hurt you? Or who do […]

My missionary Life in Cape Verde

It was the 8 th October 2008, the first time I heard His Voice calling me : only after much fighting, resisting, and trying to run away, I surrendered and heeded His call. I started a great adventure to follow Christ wherever He would go, with courage, renunciation, and disposition, to announce Him to the […]
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