Praise in the storm at the Acamps Summer Festival

Summer storms are usually beautiful. Especially if they are at a beach, the rain mixing with the still water can change the place into a wonderful, unique location. Last night the storm at Lake Balaton changed the place into a very unique one indeed, although, not exactly the way we would first think.

Everyone was getting ready for the evening. Some were looking forward to the workshop led by Emmir. Its topic was one that is very relevant nowadays: sexuality and chastity. It’s no wonder that a lot of people were interested in listening to her speaking about it.

After the workshop, the time arrived for the brave participants to show us their different talents in the Acamps Got Talent. Sadly, it was the time the storm arrived, too.

The tent we used as the refectory was the place where the show originally started. However, the winds were so strong we were not permitted to stay there anymore, so everyone moved into the lobby of the hotel. It’s not a place that was designed for 300 people but last night it was as if the place miraculously expanded so all of us could find a place to sit and enjoy the show. If someone was brave enough they could dance, sing, or play the guitar, and the audience was enthusiastically cheering for them.

The storm was raging outside but inside we experienced a true fraternity, seeking shelter together. By the time the show ended the storm was still going strong, so those staying in tents moved into the hotel for the night. In the morning if one wanted to get from their room to the reception they had to hop around the others sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor.

We can be sad about the bad weather, we can be angry that it ruined the original plans for the evening, but I think we should be grateful because it brought on one of the best evenings, the feeling of true fraternity and friendship, and gave us a night that will be impossible to forget.



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