The third day of Acamps Summer Festival: God’s vengeance is His mercy and His Love

After the fantastic first full day and the pulsing Neon Party in the evening, the morning was quiet, pensive, full of intense moments as we talked about sin and salvation and spent time with Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrament in the Adoration.

The topic Vitor talked about today was one that at first seems a bit scarier than yesterday’s one. Because there are so many things happening in the world that seem incompatible with the joyful cocoon that the knowledge of God’s love created around us – but there is a simple explanation for this: sin. It is the thing that separates us from God, from experiencing everything He wants to give us. Saying no to Him, kicking Him out of our lives is what makes us miserable in the end. But God has the perfect revenge for our behavior, and that is mercy. Mercy made Him give His own Son for us, for our salvation. And that is very important to remember: we are not forsaken but given new life through this great sacrifice of God.

If someone wants to forget what they heard, it will be very difficult. The young people deeply immersed in the presentation, as some of them performed a short sketch before the teaching, and even while they were listening to this important topic, they could see the main characters of the story like the story of their own life performed in front of them. Imagining that it was not just a random boy, but them being blinded by Satan and saved by Jesus touched them greatly.

This knowledge of being saved, of being so important that God gave His Son for us was deepened as we listened to the testimony of Barnabás from the Life Community about how his life was changed by God.And it deepened even more as the Holy Sacrament arrived amongst the young people, bringing with Him a new hope, a new promise. During the Adoration you could feel the profound presence of Jesus, asking us not to be afraid, and to trust in Him.

And what else proves these experiences with God better but the fact that when it was asked that two people come and share what they had experienced at the festival so far, not two but four jumped at the chance to give their testimonies.

And this is proof that: yes, sin is strong, but nothing is stronger than Him and His Victory.



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