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“Chez Moi”: Make yourself at home in Paris

Shalom Catholic Community opens a snack bar in Paris. Maybe you've heard this story before, "A snack bar for evangelization". In this way Shalom Catholic Community was born in 1982 in Brazil. The first Shalom Catholic Evangelization Centre opened as a coffee house in order to announce God’s love to the people who come to have a meal, but could find also joy, help and comfort.

Shalom Catholic Community is on the way to a new missionary house in the french capital, Paris.

On the solemn Corpus Christi Day, June 18th, Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro – Shalom Catholic Community International Assistant – and Amanda Pinheiro – the future Local Responsible of the first Shalom house in Paris – visited the work in progress of the new Shalom Catholic Community foundation in France, in its capital, the City of Light, […]

Shalom Catholic Community is opening new missions, Panama, Argentina, Philippines, Poland and in Paris, France.

Shalom Catholic Community is opening new missions, this time in Panama, Argentina, Philippines, Poland and another house in Paris, France. The Community, which was born in Fortaleza, Ceará, celebrates its 35 years anniversary of foundation on July 9th and is already present in 30 countries, 10 in Latin America, 2 in North America and 5 in Africa, […]