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Church, mission, poverty and Evangelization through the world, the topics of Shalom International Youth Congress in Rome

During the Shalom International Youth Congress, the talk in the afternoon received special guests to speak about very important topics in today’s young people lives. Vitor Aragão, Life Community missionary and responsible for the Youth Advisory of Shalom Community, and Teresa Maria from the Mission of Toulon, France, were leading the moment. To talk about […]

What is this book: “Writings?”

From time to time it is possible to view posts, comments, stories and tweets in the social media networks of the Shalom Catholic Community or its members which have content from the book Writings. But what is it about this book that attracts so much attention? Certainly, it is not the size of the miniature […]

We Africans

In an interview with comshalom (SH), Leonice Santos, a Brazilian missionary in Maputo, Mozambique, tells us a bit about her experience in a land that seeks to rebuild after a devastating cyclone.


The word “vocation” comes from the Latin “vocare”, which means “to call”. Vocation is therefore a calling, an appeal. God is the One who, creating man, calls him to life and to a personal relationship with Himself, to love and to holiness. Every man is called to answer to this universal vocation, rooted in the […]
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